Digitizing the Steinsaltz Library
Tanach HaMevoar
Tanach HaMevoar

The Steinsaltz Tanakh is a work of monumental and prodigious brilliance that took years to complete.


"Like his monumental translation and commentary of the entire Talmud, the new Steinsaltz Humash includes a treasure trove of information to make the text clear, fascinating, and relevant to users of all backgrounds.

To purchase the Steinsaltz English Humash, visit: https://www.korenpub.com/ koren_en_usd/koren/tanakh- bible/the-steinsaltz-humash. html


Women take over top Torah publishing positions, actively moving Jewish learning forward.


The Steinsaltz Center and Koren Publishers Jerusalem are releasing The Steinsaltz Humash, the long-awaited English version of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz’s pioneering translation and commentary on the Torah. And the reviews are in: "This work is an entirely different and user friendly approach to making an English speaker feel at home with the Torah text, and is not bound by any exegetical method."


Tractate Menaĥot discusses the halakhot of various off erings, specifically those that are brought from grain, i.e., wheat or barley, as well as the libations of oil and wine sacrificed in the Temple.


The Soul: What is it? How does it reveal itself? How to hear its faint voice? What happens to it after we die? How does it influence our life? And why is it important to make the effort to listen to it?


After years receiving treatment at Shaare Zedek children's hospital, 80-year-old rabbi gifts Bible edition that took him decade to write.

From the Rabbi's Desk
Maimonides' Mishneh Torah
More than a decade ago Rabbi Steinsaltz convened a large group of teachers and students
from the Tekoa Yeshiva, and announced that the time has finally come (after a few false
starts) to make an old dream of his come true: to create a new edition of Maimonides'
Mishneh Torah which will be updated and adapted to contemporary Halachah and its
implementation in the modern world.

Mishneh Torah is the most comprehensive Halachic work there is, and one of the literary
cornerstones of Judaism. The Shulhan Melakhim edition of Mishneh Torah has thus been
added to Rabbi Steinsaltz's other literary projects which make the fundamental texts of
Judaism accessible to the Jewish people. In addition, the main novelty of this edition is that
it goes beyond the text of the Mishneh Torah, and gives a broader and up-to-date picture of
Halachah, with the wide spectrum of different opinions and customs, and with halachic
developments from Maimonides' time to our own day and age.
Neglected Yet Unforgettable
Neglected Yet Unforgettable
Neglected Yet Unforgettable- Seven Images in the Shadow of the Alhambra Decree.
New Menahot part 1, English edition
Tractate Menaĥot discusses the halakhot of various offerings, specifically those that are brought from grain, i.e., wheat or barley, as well as the libations of oil and wine sacrificed in the Temple. Menaĥot therefore complements tractate Zevaĥim, which examines the halakhot of offerings brought from livestock or birds, and there are many parallels between the two tractates.
Talmud – the Book of Sanity
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Most of the people that are here tonight are, to me, beloved people. It is possibly my weakness, but I like the people around me. But beyond that, we are all connected by our common ancestry, by our blood, by our common dreams, by our wish to continue being in the future.