Shalhevet: Virtual Beit Midrash
A Virtual Beit Midrash in the Spirit of Rav Adin Steinsaltz zt”l, Created by the Students of Rav Steinsaltz and the Steinsaltz Yeshiva in Tekoa.

“Shalhevet” is a program for Torah study designed to answer Rabbi Steinsaltz's call for deep Torah learning and desire to connect and know our heritage with an emphasis on acquiring tools for independent study. Shalhevet would like to build a community made up of people from diverse backgrounds across the globe brought together through Torah learning. It is now possible to study Torah and advance your Torah knowledge, while also connecting with Rabbi Steinsaltz's legacy through his students – all from the comfort of your own home.

We are excited to offer a one-on-one weekly study session of a subject of your choice with one of Rabbi Steinsaltz's students. If interested, please fill out your contact information, and we will follow up with you. You are welcome to join us!
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How does this work?
Choosing a learning track
For those of you who are interested in choosing a learning track and being part of the full Shalhevet Beit Midrash program, there are 4 tracks to choose from:
  1. Tanya: Learn Tanya with Rav Steinsaltz’s excellent and mind provoking commentary.
  2. Parsha: Learn a part of the weekly Parsha with Rav Steinsaltz's amazing insights.
  3. Prayer: Learn the meaning - both literal and conceptual - of the Prayers we say every day.
  4. Talmud: Learn how to learn the Talmud With Rav Steinsaltz's commentary

If you don't find a subject that intrigues you in the list of tracks – don't worry. Let's talk about what you are interested in learning and we will find a chavruta especially for you.

The Pairing

After you register, we will contact you in order to choose the perfect learning partner for you among Rav Steinsaltz’s students. We can't guarantee you a 100% match, but we promise to do our best.

The Weekly Learning

The learning will be chavruta style through "Zoom". Don't be shy. Rav Steinsaltz always said that questions are usually better that answers, and that each person has the right to demand ownership of the Torah. This is your opportunity to take an active role in your learning sessions!

The Monthly Class

In addition to your chavruta weekly learning sessions, you will have the opportunity to dive even deeper in your learning subject, hearing lectures from the top Rabbis and teachers from Rav Steinsaltz's Yeshiva in Tekoa. In this forum, you will also have the chance to meet and share ideas with other chavruta pairs, enriching your learning experience. (Note: the monthly class is optional.)

The Monthly Farbrengen

A "Farbrengen" is an old Chasidic tradition that includes a gathering of people who are interested in sharing and hearing, creating a heart to heart conversation about their Jewish lives, dreams, aspirations, successes and areas to improve. The Shalhevet monthly Farbrengen will be an opportunity for all Shalhevet participants to meet and discuss potential outcomes of our learning, explore notions that are being awakened in us through our learning experiences, and enhance our connection to Rav Steinsaltz, his books and his legacy.

Who Is Invited to Join?

The Shalhevet Learning Program invites Jewish men and women from around the globe, from all denominations, to join the Program. The Shalhevet Learning Community The Shalhevet Learning Community strives to create, through the virtual Beit Midrash, a real community, composed of diverse individuals from different backgrounds, ages, communities and walks of life, who all have a common purpose: the desire to learn Torah, integrating the brilliance and inspiration
of Rav Steinsaltz into their lives.

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