The Steinsaltz Center Vision

The Vision of Steinsaltz Center: A Jewish Renaissance Movement 

The grand vision underpinning all of Rabbi Steinsaltz’s programs is indeed visionary, that is to say: a fundamental idea that connects all the different activities in which we engage. We do not mention this topic frequently due to its immense scope, which exceeds the capacity of any individual or organization.  The realization of this vision is the beginning of a process that will impact the entire People of Israel.

The vision is to create a Jewish Renaissance Movement. 

This renaissance requires the creation of new paradigms in Jewish worldview(s). Only a regeneration can bring new momentum to the consolidation of all Jewish communities in patterns that are more stable and wholesome, based on immense work of spiritual creation and national consolidation. There is no intention to form a faction or party, but to establish and present a series of ideas and programs, not in a manner of compromises or patches, nor by an attempt to revive the past (near or far), but by bringing forth a new spirit to the worldview, the consolidation of objectives and directions for the future. Although the vision is both cognitive and spiritual in nature, it outlines  a way of life pertaining to the Jewish people in general, and the State of Israel in particular.

A process of such scope cannot be built by declaration of intent. Grand declarations of this sort are alarming and detrimental. Therefore, the moves, de facto, are in defined and limited areas, which are designed to connect to one another and form an ever-growing framework. We are creating the puzzle pieces which we envision will, in turn, amount to the complete puzzle.

  • Creating tools to enable and encourage the general public to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture via Jewish sources, as a means of attaining affinity, awareness and solidarity. 
  • Deepening spiritual and emotional elements in Jewish life, including the study of the foundations of faith. This is done not only intellectually, but also in an integral educational way, both religiously and socially.  

  • Preparing future generations with exemplary positive aspirations for others, taking into consideration the needs of the entire Jewish people, wherever they reside. 
  • Seeing mutual responsibility among different sectors and social echelons as a key goal of leadership.

The Steinsaltz Center Vision