Steinsaltz Center

About us

The Steinsaltz Center is the umbrella organization for all of the activities of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz).

Activities include: publishing the Rabbi's writings and teachings; establishing educational programs and centers; informal education; and administration and finance.

The Rabbi’s activities have expanded over the years, all the while additional institutions and organizations were formed, through which many writings and books were and are published.

The Center Today

The main goal of the Steinsaltz Center is to promote the Rabbi’s vision of "Let My People Know” – making the world of Jewish knowledge accessible to all.

Founded in 1975 and located in Jerusalem, the Steinsaltz Center serves as the umbrella for all of Rabbi Steinsaltz's Israeli and worldwide institutions, activities and initiatives. The Center houses the personal offices of the Rabbi, alongside the offices of the general management of the Steinsaltz Center organization, the public relations and fundraising division, as well as  office and meeting space for its educational institutions’ spiritual and administrative staff.

The Center also houses the Israel Institute for Talmudic Publications, a research institute and a publishing house for the Rabbi’s works.

In December 2016, the Rabbi suffered a stroke, and is recovering. He has partially resumed editorial review on his upcoming releases.

Completed Works

  • The most groundbreaking work of the Steinsaltz Center, a product of more than 45 years of innovative scholarship, is the publication of the Steinsaltz Hebrew Talmud, (the English version is entitled The Essential Talmud),  a translation of and commentary on the Babylonian Talmud, whose first edition came out in 2010.
  • The "Mishnah Torah” Maimonides project, which was published in September 2017, was a new edition comprising vocalization and punctuation, introductions, translation and commentary, images and illustrations, rulings and methods.
  • Expansions on Masoret HaShas, 16th-century cross-references written in the margins of pages of Talmud.
  • Expansions on the Code of Jewish Law (Shulchan Aruch).

Current and Future Projects

Currently, the Rabbi and his staff are working on several projects:

  • Translation of and commentary on the Bible (Torah, Prophets, and Writings) in Hebrew (Released March, 2018)
  • Translating the Steinsaltz original Hebrew version of The Essential Talmud, a monumental,  42-volume modern Hebrew translation of the Babylonian Talmud - an updated English version, and a new French version. Projected completion for the English translation is 2020, and the French translation in 2025.
  • Translation of and commentary on the Mishnah (Projected completion: September 2019)
  • Translation of and commentary on the Bible (Torah, Prophets, and Writings) in English (Projected date for Torah: April, 2018; for Prophets and Writings, end of 2018)
  • The Four Gates, a series of four books focusing on Torah, rabbinic literature, Jewish philosophy, and Jewish law. The series will be published right before  Israel’s Annual Hebrew Book Week in 2018, and subsequently translated into English in 2019.

Additional Projects At The Steinsaltz Center
  • Translating the Steinsaltz original Hebrew Talmud  into additional languages with other publishing houses.
  • Classes and lectures about various topics conducted by the Rabbi, and other rabbis and intellectuals.
  • Various activities from Steinsaltz institutions.
  • The Study Hall (Beit Midrash) for women, seminars and workshops, Hasidic inspiring study sessions (tishes), and prayer services.

Steinsaltz Center