The Steinsaltz Humash

The Steinsaltz Center has announced the publication of The Steinsaltz Humash, the long-awaited English version of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz’s pioneering translation and commentary on the Torah.  The volume features several innovative elements that makes the text accessible to all, including Rabbi Steinsaltz’s topical and textual elucidations, an original English translation that reflects both the commentary and modern archaeological and scientific findings, and color photos that identify items and illustrate complicated concepts.

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Some of the key features unique to the Steinsaltz Hebrew-English Humash include:

  • English and Hebrew on facing pages
  • Haftorot and Parshayot
  • Explanations of places, nationalities, flora and fauna that are mentioned in the biblical text
  • Verse-by-verse elucidations written in clear, simple language to make the text as accessible as possible
  • Rashi’s commentary complements the text in a readable typeface
  • Supplemental background materials, cross-references found elsewhere in Tanakh
  • Alternative interpretations and linguistic notes

Read a full breakdown of the exciting new features in the Steinsaltz Humash 


The Steinsaltz Humash